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Don’t know why it took me so long to realize but I need a lot more video game blogs to follow

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  • Jak and daxter
  • Sly cooper
  • Spyro
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  • Ape Escape
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  • Or any of the Tales

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neptune-the-empoleon asked: (A bunch of monkeys run by holding a Red scarf while Neptune runs after them) Hey! You get back here!

"Huh!?" Kakeru drew his net quickly, "Monkeys…"

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//Okay, I don’t know if it’s been said before, it probably has but..I’ll say it again. If you have an Ape Escape-related Ask/RP blog, like or reblog this so I can follow you? It would be much appreciated.

Heck, if anything, if you are a multi-muse blog, and if one or more of your muses are Ape-Escape related, I would still follow you.//

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"H-Helga!?" Spike reddened up, his face looking the same crimson-rose color as the back of his hair. "H..Hi..!"

Her face blushed heavily as well at the sight of Spike however she had to snap out of it; this is serious business!

- {🌸} - "Spike, um, hi again. Sorry! It’s well, there’s real trouble! Just recently I came across two Specters and I’m real concerned. I don’t know what’s going on but we have to do something to stop them," she said in a concerned manner.

"We’re they hurting you! I-I’ll be on it ASAP!!" He was about to dash off, before stopping himself in a way that would be considered comical, "A-Ah, sorry, it’s been a while since we talked, Helga, how are you? How’s life been?" …Whoa, he really, really put Helga in priority, especially in the situation that he’s heard that there is not one but two Specters!

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"H-Helga!?" Spike reddened up, his face looking the same crimson-rose color as the back of his hair. "H..Hi..!"

I’m going to be on my OOC blog, sonickusanagi181! I’ll also be on my Skype! It’s hyperubersonic, but do tell me who you are when you add me!!